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Skutally helps us keep track of thousands of products while also mobilizing our work force.

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Empower your team with our mobile app

Empower your team with our mobile app

Use our iPhone app to scan barcodes and quickly check inventory status, pricing info, extended descriptions, suppliers and costs, stock locations, photos, cross references, related products and more.

Custom product attributes, related products, and more

Custom product attributes, related products, and more

Expand on Shopify’s built-in functionality and add your own attributes to products, including multiple choice dropdown select fields, WYSIWYG editor areas, and plain text fields. Hand-pick related products for cross promotions.


Skutally keeps your entire team connected and makes your products easier to manage.

Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes

Add your own attributes to products. Supports Plain Text, WYSIWG Text Areas, or Multiple Choice Dropdown Select fields.

Extended Description

Internal Product Notes

Add detailed descriptions to products that your sales team can use and update.

Stock Locations

Stock Locations

Assign products to one or more Bin Locations.

Related Products

Product Relation Types

Associate products that are related to others, such as cross-sale.

Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions

Add a length, width, height and weight to products. Skutally calculates your DIM Weight

Cross References

Manufacturer Cross References

Add cross-references to your products, such as competitor SKU or UPC.

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