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Meet the B2B platform that helps industrial & automotive businesses sell more products in-store and online.

Connect your Store

Your Operations Hub


for Retail and Wholesale

Multiple price lists and overlapping discount events; scheduled and automated.


For Enterprise and Small Business

Setup product relations, vehicle compatibilities, write technical specs, and attach documents / marketing materials.


for big data

Love spreadsheets? Get ready for full CSV import / export access to your product data. We'll take care of the heavy lifting.


for iOS and Android devices

Yup; You will be able to view, search, filter and bulk edit all of your product information from your smartphone. All the while, Shopify Tags and Metafields are fully auto-managed.


for Price, Cost and Suppliers data

We get it, you work hard for your connections. With skutally, users can edit products; but only managers and admins can access price, cost and supplier data.


for Speed and the Cloud

All you need is an internet browser, our platform is continuously upgraded and auto-scales to meet your needs. Built for the cloud

Skutally is like Superpowers for Shopify. We have 16k+ products with tags, metafields and B2B pricing on Shopify. It would not have been possible for us to migrate to Shopify without Skutally.

Alfredo Sanchez

eCom, Marketing Director

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