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Skutally helps us keep track of thousands of products while also mobilizing our work force.

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Skutally keeps your entire team connected and makes your products easier to manage.

Custom Attributes

Product Types and Attributes

Decide which attributes need to exist, and selectively show them within the correct products. While also hiding them from those that don't.

Extended Description

Internal Product Notes

Add detailed descriptions to products that your sales team can use and update.

Stock Locations

Assign Bin Locations

So your team can finally know where to look. "Jimmy.. the dog christmas suits are always placed in line 17." -- Sarah (every christmas)

Cross References

Cross Reference your Products

Search using multiple manufacturer or competitor SKU's.

Product Dimensions

Know your Dimensional Weights

Input your product's "Length x Width x Height" and Skutally will calculate your heavy lifting.

Related Products

Product Relations

Associate products that are related to others, such as upgrades or recommendations.

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