The Shopify Integration

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Shopify is the leading cloud-based, multichannel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Advanced Product Information

Skutally will manage and sync your Product + Variant Title, Description, Images, Price, Inventory, Tags and Metafields.

Upload multiple images per variant. We will send an alt tag to shopify so you can identify the variant photos in the product page.

Offer related and cross-sell products such as "Also available in" and "Recommended by Staff"

See all price, cost, and profit margin details together (manager access required).

  • Managed tags and metafields
  • Multiple photos per variant
  • Full CSV Import / Export for quickly updating data

Wholesale Pricing

Schedule multiple discount events for customers tagged with vip, wholesale, etc.

It's ok to Overlap your promotional events such as an event for this weekend and another for the whole month or year, Skutally will ensure your pricing is updated in Shopify.

Apply wholesale pricing on-demand from within a draft order.

  • Manage variant prices based on automated rules
  • Schedule overlapping discounts
  • Keep Supplier and Cost data private

and so much more..

Why Shopify?
Shopify has supported multiple businesses scaling from $1 to $60+ million. I believe this makes them the most powerful yet friendly platform for budget conscious enterprises to thrive on.
Manuel Villamizar, Skutally

One Platform.
Endless Possibilities.

A mobile app and desktop experience for commerce businesses to access their digital catalog, inventory, and order history from anywhere.