Skutally takes your business to the next level

Extend your products
Extend your products

Search for products, check inventory, and even add extended description and photos.

Integrate your business
Integrate your business

Skutally maintains your Lightspeed and your Shopify store synchronized.

Inventory audits
Simple inventory audits

Use Skutally mobile app to find a product and enter new inventory count, while it automatically syncs live.

Custom attributes
Customize your products

Use custom attributes to define and save any information you want to your products.

Team collaboration
Team collaboration

With unlimited users, you can invite your whole team for free.

Go mobile
Go mobile

Access your products and inventory any time with a web browser or Skutally mobile app on your phone.


Taking a Photo

Use Skutally mobile app to easily capture and upload photos to a product on the go. Images are uploaded to the cloud and synced automatically to all your connected stores simultaneously.

Photos are secured with Enterprise Grade Infrastructure and Backups. Your data is secured and you don't need to worry about space or availability.

Upload it once, see it anywhere.

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