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October 2019

New account & store settings

You can now access your account settings right from your store. We also moved a few things around and improved others, which makes this administration experience a breeze.

New account & store settings

Unpublished products from Shopify

In Skutally, variants can be discontinued but not deleted. We believe not being able to loose products data is crucial for commerce.

When a product is deleted in Shopify, we receive the notification, mark all of the product's variants as discontinued and, the same way we treat discontinued products, we push the product back to Shopify but unpublished from all sales channels. The unpublished products won't be able available to purchase, will be kept in sync if changes happen, and are always ready to be back in store when you need them.

Welcome tour

User experience is very important to us! We added new welcome tours ✨

Shopify auto-generated tags are now optional

Skutally can send tags to your products for attributes like product types, related products, compatibilities, price lists, and more. This is now optional and can be turned on from your Shopify app settings.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved products matching on initial sync with Shopify
  • Default VIP price list created with new regions
  • Stock locations are now called Bins
  • Improved UI of related products, including fix to products variants count to consider only active variants
  • Fixed issue related to how custom attributes are updated and pushed to Shopify
  • Improved metafields sync to Shopify and fixed an issue with empty values
  • Fixed searching products by their root taxonomy association

September 2019

Added options to products and variants

There are now 3 available options that can be used in products and their variants. For example, you can define color, size and material options at the product level, and add variants with their corresponding values.

With this new feature, at least one option is required to create multi-variant products. Don't worry, we automated this so you don't have to worry, and a default "Title" option is used.

And, the best of all, is that these options also match the ones used in Shopify 🚀

Edit product and variants inline

You can now edit product and variant information directly inline, such as their description, custom attributes, dimensions, price lists, etc. This makes the experience much simpler and faster with fewer screen transitions.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Various UI improvements and fixes
  • Updated the products list

August 2019

Other improvements and fixes

  • REST and GraphQL API improvements
  • Introduced Variants and renamed Tangles to Products
  • Various UI improvements and fixes
  • Various Shopify integration improvements

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