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About the Founders

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Hello, my name is Manuel Villamizar.

I am Co-Founder and CEO at Skutally.

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In 2008, I dropped out of college (which goes against my recommendation for others) to begin my road to internet success.

Since then, I have been part of 2 successful startups and gained 11 years of experience as the Operations Manager / CTO for a +8 figure retail business.

I’ll be remaining on the board and now focusing full time on Skutally “Commerce Software for Modern Retail”.

Quite often, I think back and acknowledge how lucky I’ve been to grow up with such an amazing support system and personal work ethic (instilled by my parents). Countless hours of internet research have put me in a position to consistently grow my working knowledge and analytical skills. I am fascinated with the idea of motivating and advising young entrepreneurs. Life (in general) has been good to me, and I feel it is my responsibility to share the peace that I’ve often found.

We built Skutally with budget conscious enterprises in mind. Our goal is to provide up-and-coming retail and wholesale based businesses a competitive edge without breaking the bank.

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